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Play Your Role

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play your role bases

Have a look to our website in which you can enjoy every video students from IES Saavedra Fajardo has performed for this challenge.

Click on the image you can find below.

play your role


The mathematicians in Maths I (1st of Bachillerato)

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Next an awesome search project made by 1st of Bachillerato students based on mathematicians through the history, whose work is related to the curriculum of “Matemáticas I”


Maths activities

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The students of 1st 12C were asked to review a math related blog post

Here is a couple of very good ones (in my opinion)

Aleksandra Simonyan

Scientific American 1Scientific American 2   Carmen FuentesPriceonomics 1Priceonomics 2

4th of ESO’ students had to look for geometric symbols that have been used along history, and Marta Fuentes and Belén Guillén, students from 4th A, have been brave enough to do it in English!

The heart of tursas

Bits & Things

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This course, 2014-15, 2º B, ESO, has been working with this Blog: “Bits & Things”.

bits and things

It is been created by Isabel Porto. Enjoy it!