Creepy Stories

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Stories written by 1st year Bachillerato students at IES Saavedra Fajardo, Murcia, Spain. Year 2018-19.
creepy stories - ies saavedra fajardo



Play Your Role

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play your role bases

Have a look to our website in which you can enjoy every video students from IES Saavedra Fajardo has performed for this challenge.

Click on the image you can find below.

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Interview with Aimar Cardona Bernal

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  • You have recently obtained Amancio Ortega’s grant that consists, among other things, on spending an academic year in the United States. Why did you apply for it? -What do you think you will gain from it?

The main reason why I applied for this grant is the experience that I will get being with a foreign family is something wonderful. The fact is that the academic experience is not the most important thing, spending one year in a different country, meeting new people and learning about a new culture is what matters the most.


  • Do you already know something about the State or town you will go to?

Not yet, the only thing I know is that destinations are a bit far from each other and grant-holding students tend to stay in small villages, those are the only things I know.


Aimar with Mª Dolores Meseguer, his English teacher
  • Do you already know something about the educational system there?

Yes, I do. It is organized in grades, but there is a mayor difference that shocked me quite a bit. In one semester you are able to choose a branch of certain subject. Take this as an example, you choose maths at college, and for 6 months, maths consists on trigonometry and then the rest is geometry. It looks great!


  • Surely there will be more students applying for the same grant next year. How is the application process?

First, you do a writing test, a reading and a listening, and if you pass that exam, you have to do an interview, and that is how they choose you.


  • What expenses does the grant include?

Most of them, you just have to be what they are looking for.


  • -Did you have any help through the process?

No, because those two exams I mentioned earlier are spontaneous, it is all about our personality, your academic skills and your level of English. That is something you cannot study two weeks before the exam.


  • Could you give us some piece of advice for the interview?

You do not have to feign to be another person, they are looking for open-minded people who like languages, the only requirements you need to have are good skills in English and a very astonishing personality in order to pass the interview.

Aimar’s friends and classmates

Maths activities

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It is turn to Maths again, Amparo Ramírez has leaded students to a new project.

Students had to collect and process data about two topics related to European Countries. The had to decide the type of relationship between the variables and apply the result to estimate the behaviour of other countries, discussing the reliability of their estimation.

Here you can read over some of them. Enjoy!

Congratulations for an outstanding work 🙂

1st and 2nd of ESO -Natural Science final projects

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FINAL PROJECTS 2015 & 2016

Para terminar el curso a lo grande se les ha propuesto a l@s alumn@s de 1º y 2º de ESO bilingües la creación de presentaciones sobre la naturaleza y la protección del medio ambiente.

En esta segunda muestra de trabajos de Biologia en el Blog del Programa Bilingüe mostramos una selección de algunos proyectos realizados en inglés por algún@s alumn@s de ESO que destacan por su calidad.

*En 1º de ESO, se propuso la realización de presentaciones relacionadas con alguna especie de animal en peligro de extinción. Se muestran dos trabajos sobre el Pingüino Emperador y el Tigre de Bengala.


*De la misma manera, en 2º de ESO se ha trabajado en clase el tema de ecosistemas y se muestran a continuación cinco trabajos relacionados con algunos biomas tanto de España cómo de otras partes del mundo.