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Interview with Aimar Cardona Bernal

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  • You have recently obtained Amancio Ortega’s grant that consists, among other things, on spending an academic year in the United States. Why did you apply for it? -What do you think you will gain from it?

The main reason why I applied for this grant is the experience that I will get being with a foreign family is something wonderful. The fact is that the academic experience is not the most important thing, spending one year in a different country, meeting new people and learning about a new culture is what matters the most.


  • Do you already know something about the State or town you will go to?

Not yet, the only thing I know is that destinations are a bit far from each other and grant-holding students tend to stay in small villages, those are the only things I know.


Aimar with Mª Dolores Meseguer, his English teacher
  • Do you already know something about the educational system there?

Yes, I do. It is organized in grades, but there is a mayor difference that shocked me quite a bit. In one semester you are able to choose a branch of certain subject. Take this as an example, you choose maths at college, and for 6 months, maths consists on trigonometry and then the rest is geometry. It looks great!


  • Surely there will be more students applying for the same grant next year. How is the application process?

First, you do a writing test, a reading and a listening, and if you pass that exam, you have to do an interview, and that is how they choose you.


  • What expenses does the grant include?

Most of them, you just have to be what they are looking for.


  • -Did you have any help through the process?

No, because those two exams I mentioned earlier are spontaneous, it is all about our personality, your academic skills and your level of English. That is something you cannot study two weeks before the exam.


  • Could you give us some piece of advice for the interview?

You do not have to feign to be another person, they are looking for open-minded people who like languages, the only requirements you need to have are good skills in English and a very astonishing personality in order to pass the interview.

Aimar’s friends and classmates